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First Appointment

Your appointment takes about 30 minutes from start to finish with the actual imaging totaling 2-7 minutes. During your thermography session, Rachel Mazzarelli, your thermographer, will greet you and set you at ease by reviewing the steps of the thermography procedure.  She will provide you with a paper gown, and for breast thermography, instruct you to undress from the waist up.  If doing a full body thermogram, a long gown will be given and you will disrobe, except for underwear.  The gowns allow the surface temperature of your body to acclimate to the room temperature.  She will leave you in privacy in a peaceful setting to change. 


Your health history will be reviewed in detail to ensure the doctor has all your information. Please bring any questions or concerns you may have to Rachel at this point.

For scanning, you will sit on a stool approximately three feet in front of the imaging system which consists of the Meditherm Med2000’s camera and attached laptop containing the software which makes visual your unique “thermal fingerprint”.


Thermography is a painless process that DOES NOT involve radiation or compression. You WILL NOT be confined in tight spaces or be required to lay on a table with a technician pressing or moving a scanning device on your body.

After your appointment Rachel will write your report and send it along with your images via the intranet to EMI (Electronic Medical Interpretation) where you will be assigned a MD, Certified Thermologist for analysis and interpretation.  This doctor will read all your reports moving forward. Rachel will forward you your doctors report with any nutritional, life style or practitioner referrals that may be helpful. 

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