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Second Appointment

After your initial breast thermogram, a 3-month follow up is needed to establish a thermal baseline.  To proactively monitor your breast health, unless you have any identified thermal risk markers, a yearly breast thermogram is what is recommended. Like your fingerprint, your thermal pattern is unique, and if healthy, should remain extremely stable. 


The rest of the body doesn't require a follow up study and scanning can be done as frequently or infrequently as desired.


Your thermograms are archived with EMI, so your medical thermologist can refer to them to compare current findings and symptoms with past temperatures and patterns. Please also remember to follow our exam preparations checklist before your appointment.


Thermography does not diagnose or treat. However, when thermal emissions suggest potential risk markers for injury, or pre-conditions of illness, you will be referred to your physician or specialist for further testing.  It may also be suggested that you do a follow up thermograms. 

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