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"I had an amazing experience for my first thermogram!  My reasons for beginning to get regular thermograms are my family history of breast cancer.   After a couple of pictures and a short wait time to get the report, I was delighted to learn that my breasts were looking all blue and green (healthy) which was a big relief. I was surprised to see that I had perioral hyperthermia, which was noted as consistent with a low grade dental infection.  I had an annual appointment coming up with my dentist so she checked it out.  It was a simple case of not flossing enough.  I was so impressed that the thermogram picked up on such a relatively minor situation.  There were no symptoms.  I went back to flossing daily and that was all.  Great reminder and also  to know how much can be seen on a thermogram. I would recommend this quick, painless simple process to anyone who wants more information about their health." - Laura, NY

“All too often people do not take the time to express their gratitude to those who deserve it. I am writing

to let you know what a wonderful experience I had working with you. Right off the bat, before I even got to my appointment, you were easy to get a hold of and able to explain thermography in terms I could understand. You made me feel certain I was making the right decision for my breast health and impressed me with your knowledge. The day of my appointment, you helped me to feel relaxed and in good hands. You handled my health history with extreme compassion; made me feel empowered, and helped me to find balance in other facets of my life beyond thermography. It is a breath of fresh air to have found a practitioner that really understands the importance of holistic health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to a lifelong relationship.” - Emily, NJ 

“I highly recommend Thermography with Rachel. The whole experience is smooth and easy, and the doctor's report and images have a quick turn around time. Rachel is so professional and dedicated to empowering her clients with better health. She is very knowledgeable, answers all of my questions and gives me the added benefit of her warm and friendly personality. I feel well taken care of in Rachel’s hands.” - Lauren, CT 

“I had my first experience getting a thermogram instead of a mammogram. The process was very simple, Rachel answered all of my questions that I had about the process. I was very impressed with the reading from the MD. I am one that would go the holistic before going the western medicine route. Having been in the medical community for quite some time I am familiar with all different types of medicine, I truly believe that thermography is safe, accurate and effective to point you in the right direction for your health.

I also would like to take a moment and mention that Rachel's passion for her profession beams like a ray of sun light! She is honest, reliable, knowledgable and trustworthy! I feel comfortable referring clients to her knowing that she will take great care of them. Thank you Rachel for showing me thermography and explaining the bene ts of it!” - Melisa, CT 

 “My mother and I have been getting breast thermograms annually since 2010. We started working with Rachel in 2016 after feeling a need to switch from our current practitioner. We are very glad we did. With Rachel, it is so much more than the thermogram. She really cares about you as a whole. She is grounded, intuitive, gentle, and extremely skilled and knowledgeable about thermography and breast health. I learned things in one visit that I had not learned in six years with my old practitioner. I would strongly and enthusiastically recommend her to any woman who is looking for a safe and effective way of tracking breast health.” - Sheri, CT

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