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Meditherm & Camera

Meditherm was formed in 1991 in Brisbane Australia, in order to provide thermal imaging services to hospitals and other medical professionals. Having identified shortcomings in the IR thermographic equipment available at the time, Meditherm contracted with Compix in Portland, Oregon to produce an infrared screening device exclusively for medical application. Up until that point, thermographic equipment lacked medical grade sensitivity and specificity. 

Also, the industrial use that characterized IR thermography before Meditherm’s innovations, made medical applications prohibitively expensive.


After years of research and manufacturing of prototypes, the Meditherm med 2000 system was born.  This camera is an FDA registered Class 1 medical screening device with a twenty year track record of reliability.  It is the only thermography system in the world specifically designed and calibrated for optimal operation in the narrow temperature range of metabolic heat required for accurate adjunctive diagnoses. It can focus on a region of interest from 2 inches to infinity while detecting 100% of the body’s emitted infrared radiation. 


The efficient internal reference temperature of the Meditherm Med2000 and its capacity for auto-correction due to a unique, agile processing technology eliminates the problem of thermal drift suffered by other cameras.  This translates into less critical protocols without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.


In addition to Meditherm’s contribution of the Meditherm Med2000, certification-based training to thermographers and thermologists is offered through the American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT).  

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